Quality and the Environment

The protection of the environment is important to us

We are continually developing our environmental management system.

ROEMHELD has its own environmental management system. This ensures that the impact of production on the outside world is kept to a minimum, only the necessary extent of emissions occur and resources, such as energy, water, air and raw materials are used as carefully as possible.

The protection of the environment dictates that we constantly develop our environmental management system. Our Development department is therefore continuously working on optimising the use of raw materials for components and conserving the use of resources for their production.
This is beneficial to the environment and our customers as we are able to reduce manufacturing costs and absorb price increases in raw materials as a result.

Our products help you to conserve resources; we also strive to offer products that will help you as a customer to conserve resources.

Quality as a commitment

Roemheld is committed to a continuous improvement process in order to take on a leading role in quality-based competition, ensuring the high quality of processes and products at all times to meet the changing demands of the market. Certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 also guarantees the compliance with standard guidelines.

In addition, it is our declared objective to make Roemheld products and services a recognised term for quality all over the world. This will ensure that Roemheld can offer high-performance and economical products and therefore can make a substantial contribution to the success of its customers in the long term.

Responsibility to the environment

Besides the guaranteed compliance with all statutory provisions, the continuous improvement of our environmental management system is the focus of our efforts.

Roemheld is therefore fulfilling its responsibility to the environment as an industrial manufacturing company and making an active contribution towards preserving a clean and unpolluted environment.