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Christmas donation

Bees in need, Christmas donation of the ROEMHELD Group
for the "Bienenretter”

This year's Christmas donation goes to the regional organisation “Bienenretter” (bee rescuers), which is working sustainably for our environment and our nutrition in an often underestimated area.
The sudden death of bees was underestimated for a long time. Around 300 of 560 native wild bee species are threatened with extinction. One reason for this is the limited habitat and the lack of nesting opportunities for wild bees, as areas are sealed and deadwood removed.
Whole bee colonies die or disappear without a trace. Already today there are whole regions, which are quasi bee-free. However, a world without bees would be unthinkable for the biodiversity, since bees play an essential role in our ecosystem as pollinators of many plants.
Without bees, many plants would die out - with considerable effects and consequences on the animal world and our nutrition.

The bee as an ambassador for sustainable development

The initiative "Bienenretter" is working in the form of a multi-award-winning educational and ecological project to combat the large-scale bee mortality. In addition to educational and awareness-raising work for children, young people and adults, the focus is on the settlement and care of honey bees as well as measures for the settlement of wild bees in the city.
Since we as a company are always anxious to act sustainably, we would like to make a small contribution with our Christmas donation to stop bee mortality sustainably.

If you would also like to support the "Bienenretter" yourself, you can do this in the form of a bee sponsorship in addition to donations. With our donation we hope that the awareness of the population for the preservation of the bees will be further strengthened. As a non-profit association, the "Bienenretter" based in Frankfurt am Main are dependent on support and donations from the population.

Here you can donate

If you would also like to donate personally or your company to the “Bienenretter”, you can do so under the following bank details:

IBAN DE86 5003 1000 1026 7740 00
Bankname: Triodos Bank, Franfurt am Main, Deutschland
Verwendungszweck: Spende Bienenretter

Purpose of use: Spende Bienenretter 
We wish you, your relatives and friends a peaceful Advent season and a Merry Christmas!

Find time for the people and things that matter to you. Health, good luck, sustainable success and satisfaction should accompany you in the New Year.
Your team of the ROEMHELD Group.