Innovative condition detection increases process reliability

New concept in cooperation with AUGUST WENZLER MASCHINENBAU GmbH
Focus on innovative clamping device with machine integration


For highly efficient machining of workpieces, the focus is often on optimizing the machining equipment and the clamping device used with its clamping elements. There are a large number of influencing variables - but the initial situation is largely determined by the blank of the workpiece to be clamped.

Focus on blank of the workpiece quality

The decisive factor is the quality of the blank and the correct clamping, which must be permanently monitored. In this way, it is decided at an early stage whether further machining is possible and whether further machining is worthwhile. If a part is detected as defective, valuable resources and machining costs can be saved: Then the workpiece is rejected at an early stage and does not pass through the entire process chain.

Partnership with Wenzler

Based on this idea, AUGUST WENZLER MASCHINENBAU GmbH from Spaichingen in Baden has developed an innovative clamping concept in close cooperation with Römheld GmbH Friedrichshütte. This new clamping concept with sensory clamping elements from ROEMHELD enables the measurement of various component states in the machining process. From loading via machining up to unloading, the quality can be monitored continuously and documented without gaps.

The core of this innovation consists of the new ROEMHELD clamping elements, the electrification as well as the digital data transmission from the clamping device to the machine. For this purpose the suitable clamping technology was developed by ROEMHELD in the field of sensor technology and implemented by WENZLER as well as brought to the evaluation in the entire machining process.

We are very much looking forward to the further successful cooperation with WENZLER in this field.

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