New block cylinder S for presses and punches up to 500 bar operating pressure and 250 °C operating temperature.

Safe and ergonomic handling of dies and moulds up to 2 t with Centrick manipulator


ROEMHELD has developed the new block cylinder “S” for use in forming technology, especially for punches, which will be shown for the first time at the Moulding Expo.

Another focus of the fair is the Centrick rotating and tilting manipulator. It simplifies the handling of loads up to 2 t and is primarily intended for companies involved in the maintenance of dies and moulds. Also, the Group gives an overview of the wide range of hydraulic cylinders as well as its comprehensive range of HILMA machine vices and STARK zero point clamping systems. The ROEMHELD Group exhibits in Hall 3stand 3A11.

Block cylinder S: for operating pressures up to 500 bar and operating temperatures up to 200 °C.

The new block cylinder "S" - like "strong" - is a particularly sturdy further development of the ROEMHELD standard element, which has been proven for decades. The extremely compact double-acting hydraulic cylinder is universally suitable for all linear movements with high force requirement. It can be used for maximum operating pressures up to 500 bar and operating temperatures up to 200 °C – up to 250 °C on request.

Thanks to numerous variants, the block cylinder "S" can be used for a wide range of applications, such as punching, forming and actuating core pullers and slides in mould making. Five sizes with piston diameters from 32 to 80 mm, four stroke lengths from 25 to 100 mm and five different sealing systems are available. Various hydraulic fluids can be used so that the block cylinder "S" can be optimally adapted to the respective operating conditions. The inner piston stops have been reinforced. There are a number of different options for mounting the block cylinder and for connecting the hydraulics. The newly designed dirt wiper is recessed so that the sealing lip is largely protected against coarse dirt or hot swarf.

Designed for high transverse forces and punches

All models are equipped with a piston and rod guide system that prevents mechanical wear and at the same time can absorb high side loads. In punching applications, the operating pressure of the block cylinder "S" must be limited to 250 bar due to the high load caused by the cutting impact.

Diagrams show load limits for operating conditions

ROEMHELD provides the customer with clear diagrams for the selection of the correct design of the block cylinder "S", which show the load limits for all operating conditions. Using these diagrams, it is possible, for example, to see at a glance the admissible side loads as a function of the piston stroke or the admissible piston speeds in relation to the suspended mass.

Centrick rotating and tilting manipulator for the maintenance of dies and moulds up to 2 t

ROEMHELD’s compact rotating and tilting manipulator Centrick at the Moulding Expo is aimed primarily at companies that maintain dies and moulds. With its help, loads of up to 2,000 kg can be endlessly and continuously rotated and tilted by up to 90°.

The component is swivelled around a virtual, upstream axis. As a result, the component only rotates, but translatorically retains its position in space. Its height and the position of the centre of gravity change only insignificantly when tilted. 
This means that dies and moulds can be optimally positioned close to the component, less floor space is required and the Centrick can also be designed as a mobile unit thanks to its constant centre of gravity. No compensation stroke is required, allowing work to be carried out more ergonomically and quickly.
Two versions are available, up to 500 kg or up to 2,000 kg load. Both models are optionally available with height adjustment.

The operation is carried out by cable remote control in jog mode or with a programmable control for repeatable, process-controlled series production. Low-noise electric motors operated with 230 V ensure the drive.

Large range of hydraulic cylinders

An overview of the wide range of ROEMHELD hydraulic cylinders for die and mould making rounds off the trade fair presentation. In addition to compact, single-acting and double-acting standard elements with which slides, core pins, core pulls and core pull plates can be operated, customer-specific developments can also be seen. Block cylinders with integrated cooling channels and special sealing technology are suitable for high-temperature use in foundries and forges as well as for particularly dirty work processes. They can be used up to 240°.

STARK zero point clamping systems and HILMA machine vices

ROEMHELD's trade fair appearance will be rounded off by a selection of STARK zero point clamping systems and HILMA machine vices. Zero point clamping systems facilitate the precise machining of dies and moulds on different machines.

The zero point serves as a reference point so that the component can be positioned exactly reproducibly at any time. At the same time, thanks to the uniform zero point, set-up costs can be noticeably reduced with quick-clamping technology. STARK offers a broad portfolio of zero point clamping systems for the metal and plastics processing industries, which is continuously supplemented by customer-specific developments.

For the precise clamping and positioning of workpieces of different sizes, there is a large variety of HILMA machine vices, of which various exhibits can be seen as examples. The vices can be used both horizontally and vertically and are adaptable by a multitude of parameters of travels, working spaces, clamping surfaces and machining tasks. Also available are a wide range of quick-change jaws, variants with clamping force display for continuous and exact clamping force application and control as well as designs for distortion-free clamping of filigree workpieces. Thus, the process safety is significantly influenced in a positive way and the operation of the clamping systems is simplified. 

Whether for aircraft, automobiles, machine tools or cases for smartphones: technologies and products of the ROEMHELD Group have been used to manufacture numerous industrial commodities and goods for end users for more than 60 years.

Efficient clamping technology solutions for workpieces, as well as for dies in forming technology and plastics processing, form the core of our ever-increasing portfolio. This is supplemented with components and systems for assembly and handling technology, drive technology and locking mechanisms for rotors on wind energy systems.

As well as a wide range of approximately 20,000 catalogue items, the ROEMHELD Group is also specialised in the development and realisation of customised solutions and is internationally respected as one of the market leaders for quality today.

Innovation through tradition: ROEMHELD was established in 1707 with a foundry in Friedrichshütte, which still belongs to the ROEMHELD Group today and counts as one of the oldest active industrial businesses in Germany.

The owner-managed group of companies employs approximately 560 workers in its three locations of Laubach, Hilchenbach and Rankweil/Austria, and is represented in over 50 countries by service and sales organisations. With customers from the mechanical engineering sector, as well as the automobile, aviation and agricultural industries, the ROEMHELD Group generates an annual turnover of more than 100 million Euro.

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