Rapid setup on presses and die cutters
New: Wedge clamping elements for high-temperature applications and increased safety requirements
New: Die-changing cart for moulds up to one tonne

At this year’s Blechexpo, the ROEMHELD group will be presenting clamping elements and die changing systems for rapid and safe setup on presses and die cutters. The focus of the trade fair presentation will be on product solutions that can be easily integrated into production processes due to their flexible design.

The public will be introduced for the first time to a new die changing cart for medium die weights of up to one tonne, which can be used to move the dies quickly and safely. In addition, ROEMHELD will be providing an overview of its extensive range of wedge clamps, which are distinguished by their robust design and high safety standards. There will be several new innovations to be seen at stand 8418 in hall 8: Elements with cooling circuit for operating temperatures up to 250 °C, components with hydraulic position monitoring, hydraulic clamping tools and new electric clamping tools with patented safety level that have been developed for especially safe use on press rams.

Automation of clamping processes

ROEMHELD shows how clamping processes can be automated, for example, using the “Flexline” rapid clamping system with push chain. A further highlight at the stand is the recently award-winning grip rail coupling, which operates without any drive of its own. The trade fair presence is complimented by products for die changing, including driven carrying consoles for dies weighing up to 32 tonnes, roller conveyors and ball bars.

Visitors to the stand at Blechexpo will be able to see various die clamping and changing elements in action and try them out for themselves. It will also be possible to test the “RÖMHELD WZ” app on touchscreen monitors. The app contains the entire product catalogue of die clamping and  changing technology, complimented by product videos, 3D animations and example applications. It is available for iOS, Android and Windows operating systems.

Robust and versatile: New wedge clamps from ROEMHELD

In terms of clamping tools for optimising setup times, the focus of the group of companies is on hydraulic and electric wedge clamps. They are extremely robust, have a long service life and a high level of functional reliability. This means they are also ideally suited to use in difficult conditions, such as on forming machines with aggressive lubricants and release agents. ROEMHELD will be presenting several product ranges for the first time. There is a new wedge clamp with cooling circuit, for example, which can be used in temperatures up to 250 °C and achieves a high level of operating reliability thanks to its automatic motion cycles.
For applications in which inductive position monitoring reaches its technical limitations, a new model can be recommended with hydraulic position monitoring by means of sequence valve control which serves to monitor the clamping and release position. Only when all elements in the machine have secured the die is the clearance signal sent to the machine control.
A range of new wedge clamps with patented safety level on the bolt has been specially developed for the highest safety requirements on press rams. In the event of pressure loss, the upper die moves down to the safety level. Together with an adapter on the die clamping edge, this forms an interlocking connection which holds the die securely.

Because all the wedge clamp models are designed as a variant system, they can be tailored particularly flexibly to customers’ needs. There are single-action and dual-action elements, with clamping forces from 25 to 1250 kN for straight and angled clamping edges, on request with continuous lubrication, positioning control or high-tech coating for reduced wear. The variant design also guarantees cost-effective production and short delivery times.

Rapid die transport: New die changing cart for weights up to 1000 kg

For die changing, ROEMHELD is offering a new transport cart with which weights of up to 1000 kg can be moved either manually or by means of an auxiliary electric drive. There is also a model for medium weights up to 500 kg as well as an electrically driven cart with a loading capacity of 1600 kg.
The new cart features a height-adjustable tabletop and a docking station which guarantees safe transport of the die. Only when the cart is connected to the machine can the load be moved via ball bars in the tabletop. Once decoupled, the ball bars automatically move down and thus secure the die. Additional protection against slipping is offered by strips on all sides. A battery-powered auxiliary drive is available as optional equipment and facilitates the transport of heavier weights.

Automatic positioning of dies: changing station with carrying consoles and auxiliary drive

If particularly heavy dies have to be installed in a press using a crane or forklift, the ROEMHELD changing station with electromotive carrying consoles is helpful. This space-saving solution comprising standard carrying consoles and drive unit enables the automated insertion and positioning of dies weighing up to 32 tonnes. As they can be mounted quickly, they can be used on several presses.

Retrofitting and automating presses: “Flexline” rapid clamping system

Using the “Flexline” rapid clamping system, dies of different sizes can be secured on the press ram in a fully automated process. This system consists of an electromotive or pneumatically driven push chain which can be combined with various clamping elements.

These move automatically from their parking position to the clamping edge of the die, with the T-slot of the press serving as a guide. A central control unit applies the clamping pressure evenly for all elements.
As with the wedge clamping elements, “Flexline” offers customers a wide range of configuration options which enable it to be adapted to virtually any production situation: from initial installation on a press to the automation of entire press lines. Clamping forces of between 78 and 104 kN per clamping point are achieved at an operating pressure between 100 and 400 bars. Adjustment tracks up to 1100 mm are possible. A multi-range motor, designed for a voltage from 220 to 480 volts, is available as well as a version with 24 volts, a motor designed for the USA and a pneumatic drive.

No drive of its own: award-winning grip rail coupling for transfer presses

Visitors will also be able to see the grip rail coupling for transfer presses which was awarded a prize at the last Euroblech and does not require a drive of its own. The patented system for automatic centring, coupling and clamping does not require any tubes as it only uses the movement of the grip rail. Unlike conventional models available on the market, all moving parts, the clamping force generator and position monitoring elements are located in the so-called active part of the coupling, whereas the associated passive part on the coupling is maintenance-free.