Efficient and safe machining of unstable components

Particularly slim work supports with extension for hard-to-reach surfaces.
The ROEMHELD Group has developed a particularly slim series for the stabilisation of components on surfaces which are difficult to access and which cannot be reached with conventional work supports.

The hydraulic threaded-body elements have a narrow extension shaft with a diameter of only 16 mm and can thus easily reach surfaces in cavities and recesses.

The elements are used to stabilise complex and unstable parts during machining, to prevent deformation and to compensate for vibrations. They are particularly versatile and suitable for all installation positions. In addition to standard lengths, shaft lengths between 20 and 100 mm can be selected. The single-acting version is suitable for machine construction spaces from 83 to 113 mm in length, while the double-acting version covers dimensions between 117 and 197 mm. Double-acting elements are preferably used in automated processes where clamping and unclamping operations are closely synchronised.

Operation via low-pressure hydraulics possible

Both types are screwed directly into the fixture body to save space and can be operated with the low-pressure hydraulics of machine tools. At a pressure of 70 bar they achieve a support force of 3 kN.
For this purpose, a piston extends hydraulically and applies a narrow support plunger with spring force to the workpiece surface. A slotted locking bush fixes the bolt radially, transverse forces of up to 300 N can be absorbed.

When unclamping, the locking is released first, then the piston retracts again - in the single-acting version with spring force and hydraulically in the double-acting version. The maximum stroke is 6.5 mm.

The standard version includes a metallic wiper edge which protects the FKM wiper underneath against coarse and hot swarf. In addition, positive air pressure can be applied. All internal parts have corrosion protection.