ROEMHELD presents flexible and mobile assembly workstations at the Automatica

New mobile workstations and storage systems with “modulog” and “modupress”
Trade fair premiere - “SPEEDY connect”: Zero point clamping system for industrial equipment & facilities.

At this year’s Automatica, the ROEMHELD Group will be presenting flexible and mobile assembly workstations as the highlight of their trade fair appearance. They will be demonstrating the ergonomic handling of workpieces weighing up to 150 kg using the example of a mobile assembly cart with height-adjustable lifting column as well as tilting and rotating modules. Another highlight on show at the exhibition stand will be the compact High-Tech-Manipulator ROEMHELD-Centrick, which is used to handle heavy parts such as assemblies or transmissions and can be moved by means of integrated rollers. With this solution, workpieces of up to 2,000 kg in weight can be move safely and conveniently.

The Group will also celebrate a trade fair premiere with the new series of “SPEEDY connect” zero point clamping system. The fast-closing clamping elements are equipped with integrated electronic monitoring of the clamping status and can even be used in welding environments thanks to the robust design. This is complemented by Industry 4.0-compatible clamping elements with which workpieces can be clamped and positioned with high repeat accuracy throughout the entire production process – from the machining centre to the assembly workstation. In terms of assembly and handling technology, the modulog module combinations are also supplemented by new storage systems for tools, workpieces and small parts. This means that the corporate group can now offer virtually all elements of assembly workstations which are designed and fitted from a single source. The ROEMHELD exhibition stand at the Automatica in Munich will be in hall 5, stand 308.

Lifting, rotating, tilting and moving workpieces – simply, safely and precisely

The modulog product range helps to increase the throughput and productivity in manual assembly: using freely combinable elements for lifting, rotating, tilting, securing and moving workpieces. According to individual requirements, the system allows the optimum assembly height to be adjusted either mechanically or electrically and the workpiece to be positioned easily, safely and precisely. Workpieces of up to 600 kg in weight are brought into a convenient assembly at the touch of a button or foot panel. At the same time, various sensors provide reliable information about the workpiece and ensure that the correct clamping position is maintained. For the signal and power lines, a media duct has been integrated in the rotating module so that the workpiece can still be accessed from all sides and rotated continuously in both directions.

The various elements enable a wide variety of individual workstations to be designed and optimised with regard to ergonomics and productivity. Because work processes are usually accelerated considerably by these systems, they pay for themselves within a short time. The assembly layout can be expanded or modified easily and quickly at any time. For mobile use, various cart modules and components with rapid-charging and powerful battery systems are available.

New storage systems for optimum ergonomics

The existing modulog range is complemented by the new storage systems. These are used to store all tools, workpieces and small parts that are needed at the mobile workstation so that they are accessible and readily available. This allows the assembly workstations to be arranged optimally in accordance with the latest ergonomic findings and guidelines.
The advantages of assembly stations designed with modulog include optimised and stable process, an improvement in quality and associated cost-savings. Individual work steps can simplified, standardised – making them reproducible at any time – and accelerated. They can also be adapted to the individual operator and thus reduce the physical strain involved in the assembly process.
Trade fair premiere -

 “SPEEDY connect”: Hybrid clamping elements for industrial equipment & facilities

For the very first time, STARK will be presenting a clamping element from the new “SPEEDY connect” product line. The weld-resistant zero point clamping system has been specially developed to meet the requirements of industrial equipment & facilities. Fields of application include the assembly of vehicle body-in-white lines and the general connection of machine elements.

The system, which clamps mechanical via springs and additional pneumatic assistance, is self-locking and comes with a fully electronic sensor system. The clamping status can be seen at a glance via the LEDs on the backside of the clamping element, which indicate the “clamped”, “released” or “improperly clamped” status. It is also possible to transmit the respective signals digitally to a higher-level control system.
A further highlight is the active infeed of 4.5 mm with an insertion force of 3 kN in order to compensate possible production tolerances prior to the welding process. The use of high-quality tool steel and anodized, high-strength aluminium for the housing ensures robustness and longevity.

Centrick: the mobile assembly station for loads up to the 2 tonnes

The new ROEMHELD-Centrick is designed for the mobile assembly of heavy components weighing up to 2 tonnes. With the High-Tech-Manipulator, a special arrangement of the articulated arms ensures that the workpiece is moved near its centre of gravity. The rotating and tilting manipulator can be easily moved thanks to the lockable rollers. Its high level of stability allows tilting angles of up to 90° at virtually the same working height.
Workpieces can be secured without any play and be rotated continuously and steplessly. The ROEMHELD-Centrick is operated by means of manual key control, whereby a programmable control system with touch panel control is also available as an option for series production.
Mobile press-in devices to supplement the “modupress” product range
Press-in devices from ROEMHELD are also suitable for mobile use and enable the positive-fit connection of several parts. Convenient and precise operation is enabled by the easily accessible control elements, the simple positioning of parts at the joining point, the high level of safety and simple tool change.

Whether aircraft, automobiles, machine tools or smartphone casings: The ROEMHELD Group technologies and products have been used in the manufacture of a variety of industrial goods and products for end consumers for over 60 years.
Efficient clamping technology solutions for workpieces as well as for forming tools and plastics processing are the core of the continuously growing portfolio. It is supplemented by components and systems for installation and handling technology, drive system technology, as well as locking systems for the rotors of wind power stations.
Apart from a broad range of about 20,000 catalogue items, the ROEMHELD Group specialised in the development and manufacture of customised solutions and is recognised as a worldwide market and quality leader.
Innovation by tradition: ROEMHELD have their origin in the Friedrichshütte foundry established in 1707; it is still part of the ROEMHELD Group and one of the oldest active industrial enterprises in Germany.
The owner-managed group of companies has about 560 employees at the three locations Laubach, Hilchenbach and Rankweil/Austria, and is represented by service and distribution companies in over 50 countries. With customers primarily in the mechanical, automotive, aerospace and agricultural industry, the ROEMHELD Group generates sales of over EUR 100 million annually.


The compact and mobile High-Tech-Manipulator ROEMHELD-Centrick is a rotating and tilting manipulator which allows components weighing up to 2,000 kg to be moved conveniently.


STARK will celebrate a trade fair premiere with the new “SPEEDY connect” product line. The zero point clamping system has been specially developed to meet the requirements of industrial equipment & facilities. They are weld-resistant and come with fully integrated electronic sensor technology. The clamping status can be seen at a glance via the LEDs on the backside of the clamping elements (photograph 4), which indicate the “clamped”, “released” or “improperly clamped” Status.


the example of a mobile assembly trolley with height-adjustable lifting column and tilting and rotating modules (in the picture a variant with tilting module only), ROEMHELD will demonstrate ergonomic workpiece handling at the Automatica for components weighing up to 150 kg.