Roller and Ball Bars for Rapid and Safe Die Change

Flexible Variant System with Configurator on ROEMHELD Website

ROEMHELD initiates a die change technology campaign with a new, modular variant system for roller and ball bars. It offers a variety of benefits and a wide choice; due to different options, users may implement a number of customer-specific designs.

Exemplary solutions facilitate design and production; delivery times may be reduced significantly. An online configurator allows customers to define the requested properties of their roller or ball bars easily, safely and quickly themselves.
The mechanical or hydraulic bars facilitate the movement and positioning of dies in the press. Their maximum carrying capacity is 160 kN per metre. In combination with hydraulic clamping technology as well as modular hydraulic power units, ROEMHELD also offers cost efficient all-in-one solutions for die clamping in the forming industry. 
Apart from roller and ball bars, matching die changing consoles for positioning dies in the press bench, as well as die changing carts are available as modular systems and can easily be configured.

Variety of hydraulic roller and ball bars

While the groove-mounted roller bars allow for linear movements, ball bars facilitate the displacement of heavy loads into any direction. In the hydraulic range, pistons fitted on the bottom lift individual rollers or the entire element by 2 mm, depending on the model, and lower it after successful die positioning. Extremely high carrying capacities are provided when the entire bar is lifted, whereby the hydraulic supply line is protected on the bottom of the bench groove.
The standard bars are suitable for installation in T-shaped and rectangular grooves; they allow for a variety of customer-specific lengths, groove widths and centre distances between the rollers or balls. The bars are optionally made of aluminium or steel, the maximum operating temperature is 250°C. In addition, bars for other groove types or with different strokes can be implemented as special designs.

Mechanical bars for light-weight dies

If the bars shall only be used to move light loads, cost efficient, mechanical bars with spring preload are available. In these bars, the balls or rollers slightly project over the bench edge. They are only pressed into the bars and are then flush with the bench when the die is clamped. The maximum capacity is 66 kN per metre of a bar.
If there are no grooves on the press bench, mechanical roller or bar inserts may be used. These are individually placed in holes and provide for carrying capacities of up to 2.4 kN per roller module.

New configurator for roller and ball bar variant system

The online configurator on the ROEMHELD Group website provides an overview of the comprehensive range of hydraulic and mechanical roller and ball bars: The requested roller or ball bar may be configured and inquired easily, safely and rapidly at

ROEMHELD: Setup time optimiser for plate forming, plastics and rubber processing

With its extensive range of clamping technology, the ROEMHELD setup time optimiser provides a solution for almost any clamping task in plate forming, plastics and rubber processing. The magnetic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical clamping systems can be used in a variety of applications and contribute to more efficient and economical processes in the batch and series production of almost any industry.

Die changing products, including, but not limited to changing carts, roller bars and driven carrying consoles, supplement the offer.


ROEMHELD initiates a die change technology campaign with a new, modular variant system for roller and ball bars