Römheld Rivi at the FAKUMA

Römheld Rivi at the Fakuma: The expert for high-temperature magnetic clamping Technology

Noticeable increase in demand for quick mould clamping technology up to 240 °C

At the Fakuma, Römheld Rivi GmbH will focus on magnetic clamping plates for clamping moulds at high temperatures. The joint venture founded last year by ROEMHELD and its long-standing partner Rivi Magnetics S.r.l. reacts to the noticeable increase in interest in the flexible quick-clamping technology for working temperatures above 120 °C. The company registers an increased demand both for original equipment by machine manufacturers and for retrofitting by users. Römheld Rivi will be presenting the ROEMHELD magnetic clamping technology in Hall A1 at Stand 1223.

The company is still the only supplier of magnetic clamping plates for the high-temperature range that can process both rubber and high-tech thermoplastics such as polyetheretheretherketone (PEEK) or polyphenylene sulfone (PPSU). The various models of the M-TECS product range are designed for temperatures up to 80 °C, 120 °C or 240 °C. They have been used for more than a decade in injection moulding as well as in the rubber industry and in forming presses and stamping plants.

There, they are even used for moulds weighing several tons. ROEMHELD magnetic clamping systems can be freely designed according to the respective requirements with regard to size, geometry, clamping force and equipment. They are manufactured by Römheld Rivi customer-specific and in a short time from standardised components.

Clamping of all mould geometries and weights within seconds

The magnetic clamping systems function independent of power supply. With a current pulse of a few seconds, almost all moulds made of ferromagnetic materials can be clamped over their entire surface and with a high bending stiffness and can be unclamped again later. A standardisation of moulds is not required. The uniform distribution of the clamping force ensures a low mould wear.

The magnetic field generated by permanent magnets penetrates only a few millimetres deep into the mould and brings even mould halves weighing several tonnes together precisely in position and absolutely parallel. Even moulds with complex geometries are clamped precisely and without deformation.
All ROEMHELD magnetic clamping systems meet the current standards DIN EN 201 and DIN EN 289 for injection moulding machines and rubber presses. They comply with the specifications regarding the relevant signals such as magnetization, power supply, mould monitoring and emergency stop at the performance levels “d” and “e”.

Safety signals and error messages are indicated on the operating panel.
All systems consist of only a few components and have no moving parts, so they are maintenance-free. Also, they can usually be retrofitted to existing machines within a few hours.

About Römheld Rivi GmbH:
To develop the magnetic clamping technology – among others for Industry 4.0 applications – ROEMHELD has founded together with the Italian manufacturer of clamping means and long-term partner Rivi Magnetics S.r.l. the Joint Venture “Römheld Rivi”. The company is directed by Hans-Joachim Molka from the Management of Römheld and the owner of Rivi Magnetics, Divide Rivi.

The company’s headquarters are located in Hilchenbach. Sebastian Veit, previously product manager of Hilma-Römheld for magnetic clamping technology, is the team leader for sales in the international field service. He is supported by product manager Matthias Althaus and sales representative Laura Szislowski, while Daniel Szeremley is responsible for design and development.

Whether for aircraft, automobiles, machine tools or cases for smartphones: technologies and products of the ROEMHELD Group have been used to manufacture numerous industrial commodities and goods for end users for more than 60 years.

Efficient clamping technology solutions for workpieces, as well as for dies in forming technology and plastics processing, form the core of our ever-increasing portfolio. This is supplemented with components and systems for assembly and handling technology, drive technology and locking mechanisms for rotors on wind energy systems.
As well as a wide range of approximately 20,000 catalogue items, the ROEMHELD Group is also specialised in the development and realisation of customised solutions and is internationally respected as one of the market leaders for quality today.

Innovation through tradition: ROEMHELD was established in 1707 with a foundry in Friedrichshütte, which still belongs to the ROEMHELD Group today and counts as one of the oldest active industrial businesses in Germany.

The owner-managed group of companies employs approximately 560 workers in its three locations of Laubach, Hilchenbach and Rankweil/Austria, and is represented in over 50 countries by service and sales organisations.

With customers from the mechanical engineering sector, as well as the automobile, aviation and agricultural industries, the ROEMHELD Group generates an annual turnover of more than 100 million Euro.