ROEMHELD presents at the AMB for the first time a sensory machine vice for high process reliability and production monitoring in real time

"HILMA Process Control": an intuitive app for sensory clamping elements

The ROEMHELD Group has developed the HPC machine vice with intelligent sensors for safe clamping of workpieces on machine tools and real-time production monitoring. The vice can be operated intuitively via an associated app.
It is thus aimed at cutting machine operators who want to produce high-quality components as quickly and productively as possible. Quickly adaptable machine vices and tower clamping systems for up to 16 components which clamp without deformation help to achieve this goal.

If workpieces have to be machined on different machines and set-up times have to be minimized, STARK zero point clamping systems are the ideal solution.

The new sturdy series STARK SPEEDY connect presented by the ROEMHELD Group at the AMB can be used in harsh environments such as welding technology. Like numerous other clamping elements at the stand of the Group, the newly developed zero point clamping systems offer extensive monitoring options. Thus, they are not only very reliable and easy to automate, they can also be used without problems with Industry 4.0 applications. This option also offers a recently available modular power unit with an integrated condition monitoring system. All innovations and an overview of the extensive range of clamping technology are presented by the ROEMHELD Group, which is represented in more than 50 countries, in Hall 1 at Stand H70).

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