Our Product Highlights

B 1.8806 Swing Clamps without Swing Stroke

Swinging without axial stroke and with reinforced swing mechanism!

The swing clamp without swing stroke is a double-acting pull-type cylinder where a part of the piston stroke is used to swing the piston rod without axial stroke.

B1.9472 Threaded-Body work supports with long shaft

Space-saving threaded-body version, Support in recesses and cavities, Shaft lengths up to 100 mm available!

The selectable extension with a shaft diameter of only 16 mm enables the support of surfaces in recesses and cavities that otherwise would be inaccessible.
Hydraulic work supports are used to provide a self-adjusting rest for workpieces and avoid their vibration and deflection under machining loads.

B1.8233 Block clamps, max. operating pressure 70 / 100 bar

When it comes to high power density in a flat design!

Hydraulic block clamps are particularly suitable for clamping of workpieces, that require a large free  space  for  machining,  and  for  applications  where conventional clamps and swing clamps are too big.

H4.306 Concentric clamping elements

The 2 or 3 base jaws are coupled to a coneshaped contact bolt in the centre of the housing, that is driven by a double acting hydraulic piston!

Positive air pressure connection
The standard positive air pressure protection keeps the hole centre free of swarf, so that the base jaws can freely return.

Pneumatic stroke end control
The positive air pressure protection can also be used for the control of the unclamping position. The returning base jaws close in their end position the bore hole of the positive air pressure connection.

Optional contact control
In the version with contact control, pneumatic pressure is supplied to one of the base jaws, which is then transmitted into the clamping jaw.
In the crowned clamping surface there is a small bore hole. If a workpiece is clamped correctly, it closes the bore hole.

B1.930 Work supports, self-locking

Especially suitable for production systems with pallet storage!

No yielding at the workpiece, even if pressure drops, due to patented locking with selflocking function. Mounting position: any

B1.481 Bore clamps

Direct clamping in smooth bores and centering! High clamping force and a repeatability of 0.005 mm.

Double acting, pulling, with and without centering function for bore diameter 16-46 mm, max. For operating pressures from 50 to 350 bar.
The bore clamp is a combination of a doubleacting pull-tpye cylinder equipped with a segement clamping bushing, which is pulled by a tie rod over a fixed cone.

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F9.500 High-pressure filters

High-pressure filter with rectifier function!

Connection via fittings or drilled channels.

High-Pressure Filter made of stainless steel and steel,max. operating pressure 350 and 500 bar. Filter elements are used to protect hydraulic elements against contaminations.
They are installed e.g. in front of valves and intensifiers and avoid the penetration of swarf and contaminations. The safety of functioning as well as the life are considerably increased.

D 8.026 Power Units in Modular Design

For the operation of hydraulic clamping fixtures and other handling and clamping systems on machine tools.

Power Units in Modular Design Operating pressure 30 to 500 bar, flow rate 0.9 to 12 l/min reservoir sizes 11 l, 27 l, 40 l, 63 l.