Workpiece clamping elements

Hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical and mechanical elements for clamping of workpieces.

Workpiece clamping systems | Machine vices

Mechanically, hydraulically or electrically operated machine vices and systems

Zero point clamping systems

This product range has not yet been completed. You will be redirected to the Stark Spannsysteme GmbH Website.

Hydraulic cylinders

Hydraulically operated cylinders for clamping tasks and linear motions of every type.

Hydraulic components

Hydraulic elements to built hydraulic systems.

Power units / Pumps

Electrically, pneumatically or manually operated pumps for the generation of hydraulic pressure.

Pneumatic Elements

Elements for use with air.

Die clamping technology

Die clamping and changing systems for press automation.

Quick changing systems for machines, presses and equipments.

Die changing technology

Elements and systems for quick, simple and safe die Change.

Magnetic clamping systems

for all clamping tasks on milling machines and machining centres, injection moulding machines, forming presses, rubber presses and mould carriers.

Handling technology

Equipment for the assembly of heavy workpieces.

Press-in devices

modupress - press-in devices

of the modular system

Drive technology

Electro-mechanical and hydro-mechanical linear actuators.

Rotor locks

Modular rotor lock for on- and off-shore wind power plants

ROEMHELD FSS clamping systems

Flexible clamping and support systems for clamping of thin-walled workpieces with free-form surfaces

Systems for production engineering

Consulting, design, planning, engineering, construction design, production, delivery, commissioning and maintenance of clamping and positioning systems.

Service products

Assembly tools, oils and greases and seal kits