Die clamping technology

Die clamping and changing systems for press automation. Quick changing systems for machines, presses and equipments.

Hydraulic, mechanical, electro-mechanical and magnetic clamping elements

Die changing technology. Roller bars, ball bars, carrying consoles and changing carts

Hydraulic clamping elements

for presses and machines installed in a fixed position, integrated in the machine table or movable in the slots of the presses.

Electro-mechanical clamping elements

no hydraulic, automatic clamping of dies on the ram, blank holders and machines at ambient temperatures up to 70C.

Mechanical clamping elements

for clamping and locking dies on press beds and rams

"M-TECS" Magnetic clamping technology

Magnetic clamping systems

Hydraulic power units

Hydraulic clamping power units or clamping pumps are especially designed for hydraulic clamping.

Accessories for die clamping technology

Elements for oil supply to hydraulic elements