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Accessories for die clamping technology


Elements for oil supply to hydraulic elements

Fittings | High-pressure hoses | Couplings | Connecting blocks | Plug-in connectors | Hydraulic valves | Pressure gauges| Pressure switches | Hydraulic oil | Clamping pumps

Under this heading you will find useful accessories
for easy installation of press clamping systems.
In addition, individual spare parts for clamping power units.

Series Data sheet Technical data
WZ 11.2800 Hydraulic Accessories


Fittings and pipes

max. operating pressure 400 bar

sealing using sealing ring and sealing cone

Straight couplings G 6..16
Tube male stud couplings GE 6..16
L-couplings EVL 6..12
T-couplings EVT 6..12
Straight bulk head fittings SV 6..12
Angular bulk head fittings WSV 6..12
Stand pipe unions EVGE 6..16
90° elbow couplings W 6..16
90° elbow coupling, adjustable EVW 6..12
Angular swivel banjo couplings WH 6..16
T-swivel couplings TH 6..16
T-couplings T 6..16

WZ 11.3800 Hydraulic Accessories


High-pressure hoses

Quick-disconnect couplings

Coded couplings

Connector blocks

Plug-in connectors

● High-pressure hoses DN4,
max. operating pressure 500 bar
● Quick-disconnect couplings G1/4
● Coded couplings G1/4
● Connector block G1/4 and G3/8
● Plug-in connectors, nominal diameter 5 mm,
max. 500 bar

WZ 11.9200 Hydraulic valves


Directional control valves

Pressure relief valve

Pressure control valve

Pressure gauge

Pressure switch

Check valves

Hydraulic oil

3/2 directional control valve 24 VDC
max. operating pressure 400 bar
● Pressure switch in different adjusting ranges
● Pressure relief valve, Qmax = 20 l/min
● Pressure control valve: Adjusting range 15...450 bar
● Pressure gauge Ø 63 mm - G1/4
● Check valvesM16x1,5 and G1/4..G1/2

WZ 8.800 Hydraulic clamping pump


manually operated

max. operating pressure 100, 200 and 500 bar

oil volume: 300/970 cm3
usable oil volume: 150/750 cm3
displacement per stroke: 2 .. 8 cm3
pump supplied is filled with oil

figure 1: 11.3800 High-pressure hose ND4
figure 2: 11.3800 Hose connections left/right
figure 3: 11.3800 Quick-disconnect coupling
figure 4: 11.3800 Connecting block
figure 5 installation example: Plug-in connectors for plates and piping boards
figure 6: Directional control valve (WH1) 11.9200
figure 7: Pressure switch HDS with connecting plate
figure 8: 11.9200 Pressure relief valve
figure 9: 11.9200 Pressure control valve
figure 10: 11.9200 Pressure gauge
figure 11: 11.9200 Check valve
figure 12: 11.9200 Check valve to be installed in the pipe

max. operating pressure 400 bar, sealing using sealing ring and sealing cone
see data sheet 11.2800

High pressure hoses ND4 (figure 1)
in variable lengths and connectors
The freely selectable hose lengths should be generously dimensioned, in order to avoid kinking, abrasion marks, torsion, tensile and compressive stress and unacceptable bending radii. Protect against hot swarf.
Burst pressure 2000 bar, smallest bending radius 100 mm.
*Further information see DIN 20066

Connectors: see figure 2

Quick-disconnect coupling G 1/4 (figure 3)
The quick-disconnect coupling is a coupling of sturdy design which locks automatically after uncoupling. Connection and disconnection is made in the unpressurised condition. The displacement of the sleeve to the corresponding coupling or uncoupling direction enables an easy one-hand operation.



Connector block (figure 4)
with pilot-operated check valves
connecting threads:
● 2 x G 3/8 + 6 x G 1/4
● 8 x G 3/8

Plug-in connectors (figure 5)
for plates and piping boards
max. 500 bar, nominal diameter 5 mm,
short or long version



Directional control valve WH1 (figure 6)
3/2 directional control valve with leak-free and tight ball-type poppet valves
Compact design by integration of the valve components in the magnetic body.
max. flow rate 8 l/min, max. operating pressure 400 bar, magnetic clamping 24 VDC,
temperature range -40°C to +80°, emergency stop

Pressure switch (figure 7)
Mini pressure switch, adjustable as a piston pressure switch
temperature range -40°C to +80°,
max. operating pressure 400 bar (depending on the type).
Versions: HDS and DG
see data sheet 11.9200



Pressure relief valve (figure 8)
Safety valve to prevent exceeding the maximum admissible pressure and for limiting operating pressures.


Pressure control valve (figure 9)
Pressure control valve for keeping the lower output pressure in the secondary circuit constant without affecting the higher pressure in the primary circuit.
Screw-in type valve in combination with connector block.


Pressure gauge (figure 10)
with steel tube spring and glycerine filling, Ø 63 mm
Port: G1/4 at the bottom or at the rear



Check valve (figure 11)
Stop valve with free flow in one direction and blocked oil flow in the opposite direction.




Check valve to be installed in the pipe (figure 12)
Check valves with one flow direction. Housing made from galvanised steel. Spring-loaded ball-type poppet valve, leakage-free





Hydraulic oil
HLP32 or HLP 46
containers: 1 or 5 litres

Hydraulic oil Oemeta
containers: 1.5 or 20 litres