Product range

Manually-operated linear actuators

Hydro-mechanical linear actuators for universal linear adjusting procedures

operation with foot pedal or hand lever

max. push force: 4500 .. 12500 N
stroke: 80 .. 250 mm

Series Data sheet Technical data
L7.101 Linear actuators RA 1250


max. lifting force 4.5 to 12.5 kN

stroke from 840 to 250 mm

manual-hydraulic version

max. push force: 4500 .. 12500 N
stroke: 80 .. 250 mm
pump strokes per 100 mm 7 .. 22
descent speed: approx. 4 s/100 mm
operation: foot pedal or hand lever

figure 1: Linear actuator RH 1250

figure 2: Operation

figure 3: Fork mounting
figure 4: Flange mounting
figure 5a: Operating direction A: Pump lever counterclockwise
figure 5b: Admissible mounting positions for operating direction A
figure 6a: Operating direction B: Pump lever clockwise
figure 6b: Admissible mounting positions for operating direction B

Linear actuators RH 1250 (figure 1)

Principal use
• Height adjustment of hospital and nursing beds as well as mobile nursing chairs
• Height adjustment of patient transporters and therapy couches
• Adjustment of examination and care chairs as well as childbirth beds
• Height adjustment of instrument tables
• Actuator for lifting modules and lifting tables

Linear actuators RH 1250 are manually operated, hermetically sealed, hydro-mechanical actuators for linear adjusting procedures.
The compact design contains the pump piston and the valve technology. Also the oil reservoir and the plunger cylinder are integrated. The hydraulic transmission in connection with the manual operation allows a good dosage of very high forces. Important for that are also the mechanics with minimum clearance as well as the sensitive responding valves with exactly defined switching points.
In principle only push forces can be generated.

Operation (figure 2)
The plunger rod is extended by reversible rotation of approx. 40° by an operating lever at the operating shaft. The recommended lever length is approx. 300 mm.
To retract the plunger cylinder, the operating shaft has to be turned to the opposite direction by approx. 10°. The operating shaft returns automatically.

All versions of the RH 1250 are operated with an operating lever, that is pinned at the operating shaft. The integrated flow control valve provides for an uniform descent speed in all load conditions.
Due to the possibility to get a drilled operating shaft, the actuator can quickly be installed and put into operation.
It has to be considered that the user's construction always acts with push force onto the actuator.
The actuator has a high safety against overload. In the case of overload it is not possible to continue pumping the actuator, but descent is possible. The operator has to make sure that the actuator is not overloaded.

Fixing and installation
The linear actuators RH 1250 have 1 location hole Ø 12.1 mm in the plunger and 2 centring pivots Ø 38 mm for the connection of user's constructions.
Besides the standard mounting with centring pivot Ø 38 mm mounted at the housing, the RH 1250 can be delivered with fork mounting or flange mounting.
The user's construction must exclude side loads and forced conditions. The centring pivots Ø 38 mm are unlacquered.



Operating direction
There are two different operating directions of the pump lever.
Dependent on the operating direction, the admissible mounting positions have to be considered.
Operating direction A
Pump lever counterclockwise (figure 5a)
Admissible mounting positions as per figure 5b.

Operating direction D
Pump lever clockwise (figure 6a)
Admissible mounting positions as per figure 6b.



body: aluminium
operating shaft: steel, corrosion resistant
plunger: steel, corrosion resistant

• unlacquered
• 2 = RAL 9016 traffic white
• 3 = RAL 9006 white aluminium
• 4 = RAL 9005 black
• 5 = RAL 7035 light grey
• 6 = RAL 7038 agate grey

Available on request:
• stroke lengths up to 600 mm in gradations of 50 mm (up to lifting force 6,500 N)
• descent actuation by pushing
• descent actuation by turning
• front-side thread M8 in the plunger
• versions with low residual magnetism for MRT applications
• other descent speeds
• other colours
• customised special actuators


Foot pedal
• pre-drilled for the arrangement of 90° to the shaft bore hole
• without bore hole for application-specific arrangement

Hand lever
• pre-drilled for the arrangement of 90° to the shaft bore hole
• without bore hole for application-specific arrangement.

Bearing block
For location of the RH 1250 at the bearing eyes Ø 38
two of each required

Pedal cover
for levers provided by the user or as spare part