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Cart modules

Cart modules for mounting of modulog modules


with parking brake

fixed rollers and steering rollers

max. load: 2000 .. 6000 N
operation: manual

Series Data sheet Technical data
M5.101 Cart modules WMS


max. load 2,000 to 6,000 N

max. load: 2000 .. 6000 N
operation: manual
with steering rollers
with parking brake
frame: steel, black-lacquered
tires: PUR

figure 1: cart module WMS 200
figure 2: cart module WMS 600

Cart modules WMS

Cart modules for the transport of devices, assembly fixtures or testing devices within the production.
Cart modules in combination with lifting modules are advantageously used in assembly or production processes, if components have to be transported to working places with different working heights.
Lifting carts can also be used as working surface. The lifting carts with the components will be pushed to the individual working places and adjusted to the optimum ergonomic working height, loading and unloading of the components is not required.

The cart modules WMS are offered for two different loads. For the cart module WMS 200 (figure 1) the maximum admissible load is 2,000 N and for WMS 600 (figure 2) the maximum load is 6,000 N.
The cart modules WMS consist of a welded sturdy steel frame with two fixed rollers and two steering rollers, which are equipped with a parking brake.
the parking brakes of WMS 200 are individually operated. In version WMS 600 the brakes are coupled and can be operated from both sides by means of a foot pedal.
In the centre of the steel frame there is a mounting plate, This plate is used for fixation of lifting modules. Alternatively workshop setups can be mounted at the steel frame.

figure 2: table plate with one modulog interface

Table plates (figure 2)
as per data sheet M8.130




figure 1: cart module WMS 600 with lifting module Shop­Floor and a table plate

"ROEMHELD modulog" Assembly and handling technology

Application example 1 (figure 1)

Lifting cart - combined by cart module WMS 600, lifting module Shop-Floor and a table plate.