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ROEMHELD at Euroblech: Changing heavy dies quickly, conveniently and safely

Height-adjustable and driven changing carts, wide selection of roller and ball bars with product configurator

The ROEMHELD Group will be presenting components for the quick and safe change of heavy dies at the Euroblech. Transport carts help to move heavy loads quickly, effortlessly and ergonomically, carrying consoles facilitate insertion into the press and the punching system.

Using ball and roller bars, dies can be conveniently pushed and positioned over tables, surfaces and feeders. With its die clamping and changing technology and the wide range of hydraulic, mechanical, electromechanical and magnetic clamping elements, ROEMHELD sees itself as an expert in the optimisation of set-up times in forming technology.

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Latest news from the fair Euroblech in Hannover !

At the center of the trade fair appearance of the "Euroblech 2018" which still from 23.10.-26.10. takes place in the trade fair metropole of Hanover, products and innovations for quick and reliable "tool changes" are on the stand of the ROEMHELD Group.

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Latest news from the fair Euroblech in Hannover !

New generation of tool change car presented.

Easy to transport heavy tools: This is possible with the HILMA- RW 1600 changing carts for tool weights of up to 500 kg or 1,000 kg and the RWA . Walker lift truck for loads of up to 1,600 kg.

With its extensive portfolio from the ROEMHELD changing technology program, the Group offers economical solutions for a wide range of applications. On its stand, the Group will be presenting four versions of transport carts for different loads, supported, hanging and swivelling carrying consoles as well as freely configurable roller and ball bars. Combined with wedge clamps from the new extensive range and the matching hydraulic supply, complete systems can be configured for efficient die change. The trade fair presentation of the ROEMHELD Group can be seen in Hall 27 at Stand H128.

Changing carts: safe transport of heavy loads

Dies with a weight of more than one and a half tons can be moved with changing carts (photo 1). The Group will be presenting four different models at Euroblech: the manually movable RW series with versions for 500 kg and 1,000 kg and the electrically driven walking and lifting cart with a maximum load of 1,600 kg.
All versions are equipped with extensive safety features, including an automatic docking station with anti-slip protection: as long as the cart is connected to the station, dies can be easily moved and positioned via ball inserts in the changing table. When undocking, the balls are lowered to prevent the dies from slipping. Also, safety bars can be fitted for transport. The operator can adjust the height of the changing table to his requirements via a hydraulic lifting column.

An optional auxiliary drive is available for the cart models up to 1000 kg, which enables a travel speed of 2 km/h. With the walking and lifting cart RWA for heavy dies, the speed can be continuously adjusted up to a maximum value of 5 km/h. Powerful, long-lasting battery systems supply the changing cart with energy.

Carrying consoles: handling aids for inserting heavy dies

Heavy dies weighing up to 32 t, which are transported by crane or forklift, can be quickly moved into the press bed with ROEMHELD carrying consoles (photo 2). To do this, they have to be placed on the consoles, from where they are then pushed in using integrated transport bars. Depending on the weight of the die, versions with and without drive are available.

For loads of up to 250 kN, mountable carrying consoles are available, which are hung in pairs on the change side of the press in mounting hooks. They can be used on several machines and are suitable for both original equipment and retrofitting. If there is little space in front of the press, swivelling consoles are recommended. These are permanently mounted on the press bed and can be completely folded onto the bed after use. Loads of up to 60 kN are possible.
For die weights up to 32 t, versions with additional electric drive and supporting feet are available, which increase the stability of the carrying console. The height of these can be adjusted by ± 60 mm so that unevenness in the floor can be easily levelled out.

The ROEMHELD changing technology program offers an automatable changing station for loads up to 32 t. It moves the new die in a linear motion onto the press bed and pushes the predecessor back out of the machine. This allows particularly short set-up times to be achieved.
In addition to standardised components, the Group also develops customer-specific stations and carrying consoles, for example for heavy dies or automated processes.

Roller or ball bars: easy positioning in the press

Roller and ball bars (photo 3) are mounted in the slots of a machine table to conveniently move and position dies on surfaces. Whether made of aluminium or steel, hydraulic or spring-loaded, for use in T- or rectangular slots: a large selection of bar types is available. The length, slot width and depth as well as the distances between the balls or rollers can be individually adjusted.
Depending on the design of the roller bars, pistons lift all rollers individually or the complete bar until the die no longer rests on the table top and can be easily moved. A carrying load of up to 160 kN per meter is possible, depending on the configuration. Ball bars move loads up to 70 kN/m.

For light and medium die weights, spring preloaded bars are also used. Rollers and balls protrude slightly beyond the table top in their basic condition. They are pressed into the bar body by clamping the die and then flush with the table top.

Arrange yourself roller and ball bars with the online configurator

With an online configurator, interested parties can arrange themselves the desired roller and ball bars with the required product characteristics, create dimensional drawings and then send inquiries directly. The programme can be found at

For special requirements not covered by the extensive configurator, ROEMHELD offers the possibility of special designs, for example of bars with large stroke or for other slot types.

ROEMHELD: Set-up time optimiser for sheet metal forming, plastic and rubber processing

With its extensive portfolio of die clamping technology, the set-up time optimiser ROEMHELD solves almost every clamping task in sheet metal forming, plastics and rubber processing. The magnetic, hydraulic and electro-mechanical clamping systems are highly versatile and contribute to making processes in single and series production of nearly all industries more efficient and economical. Products for die change such as die changing cart, roller bars and driven carrying consoles complete the product range.

Whether for aircraft, automobiles, machine tools or cases for smartphones: technologies and products of the ROEMHELD Group have been used to manufacture numerous industrial commodities and goods for end users for more than 60 years.
Efficient clamping technology solutions for workpieces, as well as for dies in forming technology and plastics processing, form the core of our ever-increasing portfolio. This is supplemented with components and systems for assembly and handling technology, drive technology and locking mechanisms for rotors on wind energy systems.
As well as a wide range of approximately 20,000 catalogue items, the ROEMHELD Group is also specialised in the development and realisation of customised solutions and is internationally respected as one of the market leaders for quality today.

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Fair innovations

Abb.1: Easy transport of heavy tools: this is possible with changing cart RW for die weights up to 500 kg (l.) or 1,000 kg (M.) and the walking and lifting cart RWA (r.) for loads up to 1,600 kg
Abb.2: Carrying consoles with supporting feet and drive are suitable for loads up to 32 t.
Abb.3: Roller bars (l.) and ball bars (r.) are integrated into the slots of the machine table. In combination with suitable carrying consoles, heavy dies can be easily inserted and positioned