HILMA machine vice with clamping force display

Pressure gauge for more precision. Prevent tool breakage and machine downtimes by using the HILMA NC machine vice 125.

When using for example floating central jaws or top jaws (NC), several small components as well as large-volume workpieces can be clamped. The high-precision reproducibility of the clamping forces guarantees a maximum possible repetitive accuracy of the clamping processes and thus increases the clamping quality.

The generated clamping force can be visually checked at any time. The removal of the slide facilitates a simple and quick cleaning of the clamping system. Thus cost intensive downtimes will be reduced. Minimum set-up times ensure versatile use and thus considerable cost reduction. Thanks to the quick adjustment by socket pins proven for decades, a quick adaptation to very different clamping ranges is possible with minimum effort on the crank handle.

Two designs

Hydraulic machine vice EL mechanically-hydraulically operated for tool making, mould making, construction of jigs and fixtures and production. The mechanical-hydraulic force transmission requires minimum effort on the crank handle. An angle drive (optional extra), that can also be retrofitted, facilitates the operation, e.g. in the case of longitudinal clamping on the machine table. The optional clamping force preselection (retrofittable) enables the force to be applied in 6 stages up to the maximum.

Hydraulic machine vice NC hydraulically-hydraulically operated for use in semi or fully-automatic operation in series production.

Connection is made to a separate hydraulic pressure transducer, e.g. a hydraulic power unit. Coarse adjustment of the clamping range using socket pins. Precise positioning against the workpiece and adjustment of the insertion tolerance manually using a lead screw. The clamping process is triggered by a hand or foot switch or, in the case of fully automatic working cycle, by an electrical control pulse.

Wide range of clamping jaws and inserts

HILMA clamping jaws and inserts with grip to increase the retention force, for NC machine vices with clamping force display, clamping bars with inserts, grip inserts for clamping bars, HM coated inserts for fixed jaw and slide, grip inserts for fixed jaw and slide, HM coated.

Using clamping jaws or jaw inserts with coating or grip serrated, the retention forces for safe clamping of workpieces can be considerably increased. Only machine vices with clamping force display allow the controlled use of these clamping jaws/inserts.

The benefits at a glance:

  • high flexibility
  • control of the clamping force by means of a pressure gauge for NC (optional extra)
  • simple and quick cleaning
  • quick retrofitting
  • simple and quick cleaning
  • quick retrofitting
  • quick adjustment of the clamping range with socket pins
  • guideways hardened and ground

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HILMA- NC Maschinenschraubstöcke mit Spannkraftanzeige für hochgenaues und reproduzierbares Spannen.
Figure 1: HILMA NC machine vices with clamping force display for high-precision and reproducible clamping.
Verformungsfreies Spannen von sensiblen Werkstücken (Gehäuseteilen).
Figure 2: clamping without deformation of sensitive workpieces (housing components).
HILMA- NC Maschinenschraubstöcke sind in zwei Ausführungen lieferbar.
Figure 3: HILMA NC machine vices are available in two designs.
Wählbar in den Ausführungen: mechanisch-hydraulisch oder hydraulisch-hydraulisch.
Figure 4: selectable designs: mechanically-hydraulically or hydraulically-hydraulically operated.
Erhältlich optional mit Spannkraftanzeige.
Figure 5: available with optional clamping force display.