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Hydraulic pumps D8.800

In conjunction with our hydraulic clamping elements workpieces can be economically clamped with these clamping pumps.
In addition, these pumps can be used for lifting of loads, for adjusting and locking of tables as well as other operating processes.

hydraulic pump D8.800 with hydraulic cylinder

Screw pumps D8.819

Screw pumps are suitable as pressure source for small clamping fixtures, which must be independent of an external pressure source.
2 versions are available:
• threaded-body type
• block-body type

screw pump D8.819 - threaded-body type
screw pump D8.819 - block-body type

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Hydraulic clamping pump manually operated, – max. operating pressure 100, 200 and 500 bar

Catalogue sheet D8.800