Manually operated

Quick-disconnect couplings and coupling units

for flexible connection to hydraulic systems
Quick-disconnect couplings for one-hand operation
Coupling units for single and double-acting cylinders

Product series  (3)


Quick-disconnect couplings F9.381

The quick-disconnect coupling is a coupling of sturdy design which locks automatically after uncoupling. The coupling and uncoupling process can be effected when both coupling parts are depressurised. The displacement of the sleeve to the corresponding coupling or uncoupling direction enables an easy one-hand operation.

Coded couplings
In case of more than one coupling port there is the risk of confusion when coupling. The coded couplings are not only marked by colour but additionally by means of a pin inside of the coupling which only fits into the groove of the corresponding nipple. The risk of confusion is thereby eliminated.

Accessory - dust cap
After uncoupling the coupling and the nipple should be provided with the attached dust cap as shown on the photo.

coupling nipple with dust cap F9.381
coupler with dust cap F9.381

Pipe Couplings F9.385

• Particularly sturdy design
• Minimum fluid loss during coupling and uncoupling
• Subsequent bleeding of the system unnecessary

• Construction machines
• Agricultural machines
• Railway engineering
• Offshore industry
• Robotics
• Special vehicles
and others

The pipe couplings are screw coupling with shutoff on both sides. The valves in the fixed and loose halves open and close automatically during the coupling process.
To ensure proper functioning, the two halves must be screwed together up to the stop of the connecting thread. 
This coupling reduces the fluid loss during coupling and uncoupling to a minimum.
Due to the screw closure it is possible to couple against a residual pressure. The coupling of coupling halves under full operating pressure must be avoided, otherwise the seals will be damaged.

Steel, zinc/nickel coated
Back-up ring: PTFE
Seal: NBR + PUR

Operating temperature
– 20 °C to + 80 °C

Pipe Couplings

Coupling units F9.425

This coupling unit is used if the clamping fixture is manually separated from the pressure generator, e.g. in flexible manufacturing systems or when using one pressure generator only for several clamping fixtures.

It can be supplied with two different accumulators:
Size 1 for clamping fixtures with a big oil volume.
Size 2 for clamping fixtures with a small oil volume.

The coupling unit is available for single and double acting cylinders.

For easy coupling to the double acting version, a multi-coupler (figure 5) is available, that prevents a possible mix-up of the 2 coupling ports.

coupling nipple unit for single-acting cylinders F9.425
coupling nipple unit for double-acting cylinders F9.425
multi-coupler, aluminium version F9.425

PDF Data sheets


Quick-disconnect couplings one-hand operation “Push–Pull” – ND 5 – connecting thread G 1/4, – max. operating pressure 500 bar

Catalogue sheet F9.381

Pipe Couplings with pipe connection or tapped hole made of steel nominal diameter 6 – 28, max. operating pressure 160 – 420 bar

Catalogue sheet F9.385

Coupling units for manual operation, for single and double acting cylinders, max. operating pressure 500 bar

Catalogue sheet F9.425