Tilting modules

Modules for tilting or swivelling of the workpiece

manually or electrically-operated
with indexing

Series  (2)

Items  (2)

  1. tilting angle: 0° to 90°, additionally – adjustable to 30° and 60° – electrical operation – max. load 1000 N – max. torque 230 Nm – locking of the tilting positions – incl. electric control 6862-717 – as per data sheet M2.201
  2. tilting angle: 0° and 90° – manual operation – max. load 1000 N, load balanced – with pneumatic balance cylinder – compressed air 0 - 10 bar (adjustable) – hydro-mechanical indexing – indexing positions 0° and 90° – operation with foot pedal – as per data sheet M2.101


Tilting module KMB 100 manual operation

The tilting module KMB 100 with pedal-operated indexing offers the possibility of easy manual tilting of heavy components by ±90° and their reliable fixing.
The tilting module is equipped with a pneumatic balancer that compensates almost completely generated torques during tilting. Therefore only little forces are required for tilting of the component part. The balancer is adapted to the weight of the component part by a pneumatic pressure reducing valve. The operating unit of the indexing is connected by a 2 m long hydraulic hose to the tilting module. This flexible connection allows the individual placement of the operating unit at the most favourable ergonomic position.
The standard indexing positions are set to 0° and 90° . Other indexing positions are available on request (e.g. 0, 30, 45, 60 and 90 degrees).
The tilting module is equipped with a hydraulic brake for maximum operating safety.

The tilting module does not have any operating elements. The tilting operation is effected manually directly at the component part or at the assembly fixture. The indexing is operated by a foot pedal. By operating the foot pedal by 35° the index is released and the component part or the fixture can be tilted.
If the foot pedal is not operated, the index bolt engages automatically into the next indexing position. The operation with a foot pedal guarantees that the operator always has both hands free.

tilting module KMB 100 - manual operation

Tilting module KME 100 electrical operation

The electric tilting module is equipped with a worm gear motor and offers the possibility to tilt components by 90° and to hold them in position in non-actuated mode.
The desired position can be reached by actuating a hand or foot switch and fixed by release. Alternatively the stop points can be controlled by means of electronic switching elements. The sensors are installed in the positions 0° and 90°. In addition, they can be mounted in the positions 30° and 60°.
With the electric tilting module, assembly processes can be realised quickly and efficiently. Ergonomic working conditions are fulfilled. A later adaptation to changed application conditions is possible.

tilting module KME 100 – electrical operation

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