Systems made of standard components

Systems made of standard components

Approved and reliable solutions

Clamping and fixture systems made of standard modules for horizontal machining, vertical machining, and 5-sided machining.


Due to the systematic analysis of numerous projects in the companies of the ROEMHELD Group ROEMHELD Systems has developed modular clamping and fixture systems. The modules can be combined due to suitable interfaces and cover thereby a large range of applications in the metal-cutting manufacturing industry.

The basis of modular clamping and fixture systems is power workholding, which allows clamping within seconds and due to repetitive and adjustable clamping force the required conditions are ensured.
Compared with hydraulic special fixtures, which normally have a large part of the hydraulic control technique on the workpiece fixture, for modular systems a central standard hydraulic control is used, which is mounted onto the basic body.

The workpiece-specific characteristics of the fixture is obtained by simple machining of the workpiece supports by the customer or the use of adapted fixtures. 
Due to the constructive design, rigidity and accessibility are higher than for modular fixture systems and many special constructions. Together with the good cushioning characteristics of the basic body made of grey cast iron higher cutting performances and a better surface quality are obtained with reduced tool wear. Force-flow optimised clamping elements reduce deformation of the workpiece by the clamping process and improve thereby the precision of the workpiece. 
Compared with modular fixture systems the design is easier and more flexible. Less components guarantee simple handling. The elements can be freely positioned and are not bound to an existing grid.